A mini-Critique on DepEd’s Preschool Sex Education Program

Philippine Sex Education

Freud was never afraid in expressing and exploiting the taboo. His psychoanalysis is perhaps the most controversial theory in psychology. In the main, Freud discovered the “Unconscious”, he undermined Cartesian rationality (I think therefore I am!) and posed a new conception of human nature and civilization, which to him will always have something to do with our sexuality.

It was his argument that sexuality is central in all aspects of human existence. Quite the exact opposite of rationality and of course the same is on a collision course with social and moral theorists.

DepEd’s program relates to Freud’s theory. I believe the goal here is to awaken the “unconscious” at an earlier stage before it manifests. Thereby saving the youth years of suppressed sexual urges. The lesser sexual urge suppressed, the lesser tendency for the youth to engage in sex.

I have not yet seen or read the curriculum pursuant to DepEd’s program. I guess the general public  is as clueless as I am. I don’t know exactly what is it that they’re going to be teaching to these preschool kids.

Will they be teaching how to engage in sex?

I guess not.

I am assuming that they’ll be teaching the effects of early pregnancy, how the reproductive system works, puberty, and what kids should expect by the time they’re having menstruation or pubic hairs on their body – the scientific aspect.

On the socio-economic aspect, I guess they’ll be showing the drastic effects of population boom on to the economy.

Or, if they’d be so radical, how to engage in safe sex, how to use condoms and/or birth control pills.

On the biological aspect, I do not see the need for those stuff to be taught to preschool kids. Those are closely integrated in various science classes as the child ages. I remember puberty and the reproductive system being introduced when I was in Grade 4. Besides, a preschool’s vocabulary is limited. I really do not expect a child to absorb a lot about reproduction education at that stage. That stage is the “play” stage and I believe teaching them sex stuff at that stage will not do much in educating them about the effects of pregnancy or reproductive health.

On the socio-economic aspect, I believe that’s one aspect that they could start introducing. If sex education is to be a gradual education then starting with the socio-economic part of it would be the subtlest starting point. They could point out why children are cramming in classrooms, why some families are big and why some are small – without necessarily going into the nitty-gritty of sex.

If it is DepEd’s goal to educate preschool kids about safe sex and the use of contraceptives then that may be too much. Again, those stuff are being taught by the time a child reaches puberty which is about Grade 5 or 6. And by first year high school, that’s when sex education is more thoroughly discussed. There’s no need to disturb the status quo here.

I believe the government is just desperate in finding a solution for the country’s population problem and the high rate of teenage pregnancy.

But if I may be so desperate, I might as well look for solutions that would really work.

Have our Kids be Preoccupied

There is a strong correlation between technology and population growth rate. Highly industrialized countries like Japan, Germany, and Singapore have the lowest population growth rate.

Their educational system is strong. I believe they have a system of teaching that we could adopt to revolutionize what we have. Their schools, instead of teaching their kids sex education, teach robotics. In Japan, an elementary student could already create a simple robot.

A child’s world, more or less, is about toys. Teach him how to make one and the kid would be preoccupied. Teach him competence to improve his toys and that would carry on as he ages.

There is a need to revamp our educational system. Inserting sex education at a very early age will not solve any problem nor will it improve our educational system. Why don’t we just revise our curriculum and have a better approach.

I noticed that our neighbor’s elementary textbook was the same textbook we used when I was in elementary. And that was like ages. Pepe and Pilar is still there; and come to think of it, Pepe and Pilar was there during my dad’s days.

The educational system we have is an anachronism in today’s competitive world. If one does not have the initiative you will be left behind in this country. I did not learn how to build computers at school. I learned it by my own and I was 22 when I did it. But then kids in Germany could build their own computers at school by the time they’re in high school.

Sex Education at Home

I do not think that most homes are equipped in teaching sex education to their children. Most parents would find it awkward to discuss matters about sex to their children. That is taboo. The government cannot of course compel parents to teach sex education to their youngsters. It’s the parents’ personal look out. After all, they are constitutionally guaranteed to rear their child.

Schools must teach this stuff but at the proper age.

Drop Out Rate – A Possible Defense for DepEd’s Sex Education Program

Though I am yet to hear it, DepEd could use as a defense the fact that the country’s school dropout rate is quite high.

There is this stat which shows that out of the 100 Filipino students that enter elementary only 58 will reach high school. Out of that 58, only 23 will reach college. Out of that 23 only 14 will actually graduate college.

With that dropout rate, DepEd could validate the need to teach sex education at a very early age. So that by the time the student drops out from elementary or high school, the child is already educated about sex.

But if that defense would be used then that is a scrappy defense. It’s like using bubble gum to cover a hole on a big dam about to burst (sorry I am running out of analogies).

If DepEd realizes this, then they may see that there is also a correlation between the dropout rate  and teenage pregnancy in the country. Most teenagers who are impregnated are out of school youths.

Most kids leave school because of poverty. If DepEd could coordinate with other government bodies then they could provide livelihood to the parents of these kids. Or in the alternative, provide vocational training to these OSYs.

Budget will not be a constraint, I believe. If the government could spend millions just to showcase a street parade (which only highlights their lies and incompetence). I am sure they’d be able to spend millions more for the rearing of our youth.

All it takes is political will!

About the author

Howard Chan (The Student)

Howard considers himself as an armchair activist. Though his street rally days are in a slumber he still advocates changes via social media. He is a strong believer that awareness of various social issues is a good starting point in order to break out from the stranglehold of an oppressive system which only benefits the few. He is also a full time student and a part time blogger, part time web designer, part time web manager/designer for various clients. (Note: Howard Chan passed the 2014 Bar Exams and was admitted to the Philippine Bar on April 29, 2015. That being, all posts after April 29, 2015 authored by him are now under the name Howard Chan for the purpose of distinguishing posts he made as a non-lawyer from posts he made after admission to the bar).

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