Justice Has Its Price

Apparently this is true. But there is something more cringe-worthy than this in the story I’m about to tell you.

You may have caught this on the news:

An overseas Filipino worker in Saudi Arabia killed a fellow OFW simply because they had an argument about karaoke singing. In other words, the death of the OFW victim was so senseless. Eventually, the OFW who killed his fellow OFW was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia. The Philippine government, perhaps trying to make up for the lives that were not saved from the executions in China, talked to the Saudi government and eventually the death sentence imposed upon the OFW was lifted. Apparently, the victim’s family agreed to receive blood money in exchange of the life of the convicted OFW (this is allowed under Saudi law). But, it would be the Philippine government that would be paying the blood money.

And just like that, a killer is off the hook with a clean slate.

Had the crime happened in the Philippines, would you think the Philippine government give a damn about this at all? No, I don’t think so. What makes this special is that the crime was committed in Saudi Arabia, and another Filipino being executed there will not look good for the Philippine government.

I think this is just a face-saving scheme to make the government look good before the OFW community. Make it appear that it is doing it job. But then again I raise the question of propriety. I mean, does the person receiving the help really deserves to be helped? He killed that Filipino over a senseless argument, it would have been different if he was framed or if he had done it to defend himself. But no, it was homicide clear and simple.

Granted that the relatives of the victim is willing to accept the blood money, the same should be shouldered by the convicted OFW, not the Philippine government. This, I believe, is a waste of taxpayer’s money. Just imagine, we are bailing this killer out of our hard earned money here while he goes out free without even shedding a dime. Justice where art thou.


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