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KC and the AetasThe photo above was actually taken from an article in  Inquirer.net published in March 2010. You can view the article here (just navigate through the page’s slideshow). The author of the article wrote that:

Show biz royalty KC Concepcion likewise had no trouble interacting with the Igorots during her shoot in Balara, Quezon City. It turned out that the natives were big fans of her mom Sharon Cuneta. KC reportedly got surprised when ?PBB Double Up? housemate Jason Francisco asked for her autograph on the set.

There’s actually another image of KC and the “Igorots”  circulating, but this other image has the ABS-CBN watermark on it.

So, what’s the big fuss all about?

Well, apparently, the three persons posing with KC Concepcion in the picture are not Igorots. They are, according to a lot of claims, in fact Aetas.  As to whether or not they are really Aetas, I don’t know yet but they are definitely not Igorots.

So what does this tell us?

It tells us that the two of the country’s media giants are either not doing their job properly in informing the public or they are simply deceiving people. This is mediocrity from  two entities that are supposed to be the foundations of truth and responsible journalism. Sure, the KC picture above is only showbiz news but to get non-Igorots pose as Igorots in Igorot costumes and then proclaim that they are Igorots (and fans of Sharon Cuneta at that) is plain and simple deceptive promotion. There is no honor, integrity, responsibility whatsoever in this type of mediocre news reporting. And to think that millions of Filipinos have seen this.

How in the world did three Igorots wearing traditional bahags end up in Balara, Quezon City just to see the daughter of Sharon Cuneta?  Are they telling us that “Igorots” went down  from the mountains just to see KC? That’s wishful thinking. I’m an Igorot and I could speak for a lot of us here in the highlands that we don’t really care and we don’t give a damn as to who these celebrities are. No one’s going down from the highlands to meet up with anyone of them. They can come up here to meet us if they want to.

Ugh, how irresponsible of these media giants and they always pride themselves as being truthful, reliable and so on and on. But the truth is, a lot of their work is manipulative. Just some concoction made up to make things seem what they’re really not.  Also, the media always portray Igorots as wearing the traditional bahags. It’s important to note that in this changing world, a lot of us have adapted to modern day clothing but of course we still incorporate traditional dresses to what we wear. No wonder a lot of lowlanders come up here and wonder where the Igorots are, not knowing that they are actually staring at one. Ay Inayan!



About the author

Howard Chan (The Student)

Howard considers himself as an armchair activist. Though his street rally days are in a slumber he still advocates changes via social media. He is a strong believer that awareness of various social issues is a good starting point in order to break out from the stranglehold of an oppressive system which only benefits the few. He is also a full time student and a part time blogger, part time web designer, part time web manager/designer for various clients. (Note: Howard Chan passed the 2014 Bar Exams and was admitted to the Philippine Bar on April 29, 2015. That being, all posts after April 29, 2015 authored by him are now under the name Howard Chan for the purpose of distinguishing posts he made as a non-lawyer from posts he made after admission to the bar).


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  1. Jennilyn Dolinen Prado

    good day! they are not igorots.I'm very sure of that.I think you need to go to Benguet.

  2. Jennilyn Dolinen Prado

    whoever wrote this in Inquirer needs to go to Benguet. wahaha

  3. Denver Iniguid Secyang

    I don't want to conclude or anything but I do believe that a lot of lowlander people are ignorant about us igorots. if that's your action towards us, then I'm sorry but your just destroying your own name, it just shows that stupidity still prevail over truthfulness…. good day

  4. John Bernardo

    gagohan na to.

    1. Howard Chan

      isu garud pards.. maymayat pay nu cka jay kaabay ni kc concepcion anya..hehe

  5. Raffel Hidalgo

    Not disparaging the Aetas or anything but as most have said, these are not igorots. Not by any tribes that I know of at least. Unless there are some tribes out there with those physical features. hmmm.. maybe the aetas are actually igorots? maybe that's what they mean? lol

  6. Ynnal Mendoza Apapid

    WEARING BAHAG are not Igorot!Idiot!Mr.writer or photograher,could you search about IGOROT first!…mmmmp!

  7. Alex Tambol

    Grabe naman….Deceiving ang media networks talaga jan sa pilipinas…….No wonder kasi pati mga reporters mali mali ang mga binabalita, walang credibility..Ginagawa ba nilang katatawanan ang mga Igorot o talagang ignorante lang talaga sila…..

  8. Jhoy Tot

    Wey wey wey,….ita dagita…..you should go and see the difference of aetas and real igorots….

  9. Susan Cuang

    Igorots wear the bahag on occasions and not as a day to day attire. Just by looking at the 3 people around KC, I can say they are not Igorots. They are on native attires posing as Igorots. Mostly, Igorots dont have the habit to go and see a celebrity, if ever they see one but accidental….

  10. Haring Torling

    bago ka maglabas ng kung ano2 cguradohin mo mona na igorot ngayang katabi nia…..proud akong mging igorot ………………..guys nang iinsulto yata to a

  11. Leden Ulad Dongui-is

    I am a pure blooded igorot & I am proud of what i am but before you comment or give a description of who we are make your research so you will better understand us & those reading your articles.

  12. Roger Alida

    umipa angat na ya haha

  13. Maria Urduja Osit Li

    Who ever did this should be corrected…baka…ang nangyari dityan e wala silang makitang Igorot ( the writer and his researchers I mean) They just pulled in people and dressed them up like Igorots, they think they'll get away becuase they come from a "named" news agency.


    HEY you dont have the right to do this in the first place!!!! ISANG INSULTO TO SA AMING MGA IGOROT!!!

  15. myra

    I hope your article was forwarded to inquirer already.. that’s the best thing to do so wrong perceptions will be corrected asap… I hope to see the apology letter of the author … send mo met lang kadi ijay midland

    btw, KC should have corrected it… i mean Ms. Sharon knows how her Igorot neighbors treated her in Beckel way back… han tayo met nga aghabhabol ti artista…

  16. Zach Smidt

    Nincompoops! my German blood is boiling!

  17. Cath Limcauco

    Hay Nako! tamad and bobito/ bobita ang my gawa niyan!!!

  18. Ella Mae Gordon Dulnuan

    the sad facade of media these days…. ignorance is truly dangerous especially to those who have the means to influence… deeply disappointed… Inayan et pay sa…

  19. Andrew G. Carantes

    Clearly, the woman is Aeta with the red garb used when propitiating the god of Pinatubo

  20. Pb

    These people certainly do not look like an Igorot… It is very obvious…

  21. Darren Duane Fangki

    bad… bad….. i am pure blooded ,,,igorot,, look at us

  22. JB

    Can a writer actually publish an article without doing some research? O baka tinamad lang maghanap ng tunay na Igorot para sa photo shoot at nanghila na lang ng kung sino-sino sa tabi at binihisan ng Igorot attire.If he did his research,he would have found those Igorot communities in Manila or he should have simply come up to Baguio and Benguet for genuine models.Very irresponsible.

  23. marsha

    How come?
    My gosh, that’s really a misrepresentation of how ” igorots”/highland people look like. There are igorots who can even look so much alike with kc or more when it comes to beauty.
    Not all igorots are that dark. Aha….

  24. Julz

    There is nothing wrong with this photo but it’s caption is distorted by bad or irresponsible journalism/media. 1st, the 3 posing with KC Conception are definitely not from Igorot origins. 2nd) If they were supposed to be projected as Igorots on the movie set, the background is not right, Igorots are suppose to mean people of the Mountains, the setting here is on a flat area. 3rd) The costumes are not the genuine Igorot costumes. 4th)The caption is confusing, “Balara,Quezon” is not Cordillera or Igorot land.

    ” We are Igorots. Let us be treated as we deserve—with respect if we are good, with contempt if we are not good, irrespective of the name we carry. Let the term, Igorot, remain, and the world will use it with the correct meaning attached to it.” – Jose Dulnuan

  25. Denver Walitang

    They are clearly Aetas from the lowlands. The background speaks for itself. I'm an Igorot who was able to live with Aetas, so I'm pretty sure about this. Way to go Inquirer.. Good job KC. Why not make a showcase of other cultural groups as well and show it to the world..

  26. Ben Gan-gan Khita

    ,Those people are no igorot!! Please do your research.

  27. Marshall Homecgoy

    If you want to see Igorots go to Benguet and the Mountain Province.

  28. Maria Urduja Osit Li

    Marshall Homecgoy I was born and raised in Baguio, I dated and… I had a Boyfriend both from Mt. Province. So I pretty much know How they look like and their Culture? I know …pretty much.

  29. Debs Bab-anga

    excuse me walang igorot sa quezon anu, nasa baguio ang mga lahi namin, please, mahiya naman kayo hindi kayo nagmumukhang igorot obvious na mga aeta kayo haaay…..

  30. Tess Palonga

    stupidity to the highest degree!

  31. Sarahjane Panganiban

    absolutely they're not Igorots instead Aetas..I know one in just a glimpse coz i for one is an Igorot..

  32. Sarahjane Panganiban

    absolutely they're not Igorots instead Aetas..I know one in just a glimpse coz i for one is an Igorot..

  33. Jocel Balingway Tegui-ing

    Definitely they are not a descendant of the IGOROT people whom I belong- please be responsible not to insult anybody by posting wrong information to the public

  34. gregorio c. taag

    Many lowlanders actually do NOT know who the real Igorots are. Even to this day, they wonder where to look for them when they come up to Baguio?! They ask you, “Where can I see the Igorots?” – not knowing that 99% of those they meet in the city are Igorots? I have worked many years in the lowlands and many of my past colleagues do not believe I am an Igorot? There are many reasons here: 1. The old History books we used have not fully and truly described who we are! Until now there are books that depict us as still wearing the ba-ag/bahag/kubal where in fact we wear this only as costumes now when we dance and not as everyday clothes? 2. Many Filipinos do not even know their geography? – They think that you will find Banawe and Sagada just adjacent to Baguio? So if they do not know their geography how much more with culture? You even hear some media people referring to Banawe, mt. province???? My goodness, this was the old Mt. province which was not yet subdivided? Therefore, the schools and other historians have a lot of work to do to rectify this misconception.

  35. Vanz Le

    I'm not an Igorot by blood but I was born in Benguet and grew up with Igorots. One thing sure, Igorots are beautiful people. There are many Igorots who are foreign looking….with strong body and big muscles and not malnourish looking. Another thing, we have an attitude in the Igorot region ….. we don't idolize showbiz people. If we see them, we just smile and never scream or show titilating acts. Simple lang po kmi dito…we are more interested in getting education than following famous people. so pls make sure that what you write is in line with the culture of the people you feature.

  36. Charles GAerlan

    hey pipol calm down, they got other people pose as igorots because when they go to igorot landia most of them don't get those uber reactions they expect but in fairness some celebs do like to visit igorot landia because they can walk around like normal people not being swarmed

  37. Ragedman

    What Igorot’s will just go down to lowlands just to take photo to the celebrity’s? hey hey hey I don’t believe this for a 25 years of living in the mountain of cordelliera most of the Igorot’s will say (Ay iyan pala si ganito) but they go besides you and take a photo or make a shake hands or what so ever;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  38. Lauren

    who cares? integrity is a foreign word among the FIlipinos afterall. you don’t think that Igorots might be watching TV shows and movies through their sattelite dish? for a change they want to see their idol in person. Igorots traditionally go down from their mountain hang outs during the holiday season to provide street entertainment and earn a few bucks, so why can’t they go see their idol without creating a fuss? but like I said above, there is no integrity in the Philippines

  39. Jenelle Andiso

    what to say ?Igorot people are by nature not too flashy…..we would rather wear original Levis than copy what celebrity fashion trend wears ….If by using Igorot image as a way of making a good image be way too careful…we are not a big fan of celebrities so for us to say so ….you must be thankfull but take note we dont go after celebrities we are not a die hard….we will watch you pass by but we are not to kin to go get your autograph unless you hand it to us your self and in return we will be grateful…. so if any of you are smart enough to read between the lines a big respect….

  40. gideon

    this are not igorots…. get educated to know igorots…… ita naman manga yan

  41. Josephine Faulbaum

    Really this is crap, those people who are featured with Cassy Concepcion are not igorots, they look more like aeta. Even some igorots are short just like me, we don’t look like aeta because we got fair complexion. Some of us are good looking as well and I am proud to be an igorot. So ensure that you are writing the truth & not just what you think to decieve people, we are educated people & we know our history. We all came from the same decendant but we keep our old tradition. Got it!

  42. Vince Tuldague

    Howard Chan lol

  43. Martin Ngipol

    bullshingaw nga picture.. hey mr. author , if you are really interested on how the beauty of Igorots look like .,why dont you search my name on facebook and realized how stupid you are in coming up with this not-so-bright ideas.. HAHA.. one more thing, Igorots are smart enough not to incur even a centavo just to have a picture and an autograph to celebrities , we rather spent that for worthwhile activities like venturing into a business… Another thing and might be the last, " DONT just JUDGE us ACCORDING TO YOUR IGNORANCE" , use your coconut shell.. ! HAHAH

  44. Hezron Arjen Pulacan

    haha to the media who always manipulates the truth pls.. feel free to visit our place,we welcome you…We don't idolize celebreties for sure!!

  45. cherry

    Make no mistakes, we don’t swarm celebs, celebs come to us. Most of the time we don’t have the time to take a picture with them, I am an Igorot working in a Hotel Industry where celebrities come and go, never did I plan to take a picture with them unless they ask me to. 🙂

  46. Veron Taya-an

    u bet'' very true, we just stare at them,like of those passing by to kalinga to have a tattoo in thier body. tulad nina sid Lusero'' cya pa ang nagpapancin'' grabe tlga mga yan''

  47. Janet Palaez

    I am an igorot…and I can say for sure that those in the picture are not of our breed…why do they always portray igorots as ugly people, or with tail, or just like what candy pangilinan blurted out one time at SM Baguio the reason why she was declared Persona Non Grata in the City of Pines…and again, a visitor from Manila once asked…where can I see Igorots? I told him – you're looking at one. It just really shows that they're too ignorant. Hey people, better research and do a good research before coming out with something like this…we Igorots of the cordillera mountains know how to read and we understand what we read….and again, we are beautiful people…wag mo kaming biruin!

    1. Mylene M. Landacan

      True ka diyan very dis appointing…kawawa din naman po mga kapatid nating aetas…remember respect is being earned ….

  48. Gaspar Bakakew

    Those (3) three guys possing with her was her ancestor's from the tagalog region's. That's not the same from my ancestor's who where ,Full Blooded Igorot's

  49. Ramil Montes

    hmmmmm, This is totally a misconception of the certain relentless people that i know of, a misinterpretation of who they really are, a deceitful information, an offending one, and an insult if you will to someone whose blood was rooted from the lineage of an Igorot. So if this isn't true then, wouldn't it be proper that it should be corrected to give due justice to those masses whose identity was wrongly presented and to those individuals who were misinformed…………………….i mean, come on' anybody who are on their right minds will surely feel displeased when this happens to them regardless of who they are………….mayat ay agew sin amin ay gagait sisa…………..from Imankayan……….:-)……….

  50. Jovy Elpidio

    to my fellow Igorots, guys it is true that they are not us pero some of you are judging the aetas on the way they look. We don't want to get offended and yet some are offending the other tribe by calling them names. Cmon now we all belong to proud indigenous tribes. I am disappointed on the wrong representation of us but I am also disappointed on some of the comments.

  51. ka rene

    this is a big insult to us in the highlands. this writer and photographer are plain idiot and stupid. and KC, too, is even more stupid! when you say you are Filpinos, you guys better understand your own people, your culture. read books, go around, see the country. maybe you know more about pizza and chorolates and disneyland. a bunch of while-crazed people who pretend to love their country when they are not. you do not know what u are talking and writing about. we are not showbiz-crazy people. they come and see us. we do not go down and see some funny artista and go hysterical. that is not a highlander or what u call “igorot” culture.

  52. peter joe

    we are all filipinos,… we cant deny the fact that filipinos are like dat…. wag na nating patulan… we are telling other races that filipinos are doing such things like dat….igorot man o hindi wag u nang dagdagan ung comment… Proud to be an FBI

  53. Jannelle Centeno Cruz

    Kawawa din ang mga walang kamuwang muwang na mga Aetas na ginamit nila sa litrato. Suportahan dinnatin sila. They are Indigenous people like the Igorots.

  54. Rundell Kristian LaMadrid Apolonio

    I for one is an igorot.. my mother is from bontoc talubin and my father is from buguias abatan.. I have the blood to say.. they are not igorots.. Come visit us at baguio or la trinidad so you can see how we look

  55. Masinnay Capuyan Fokno

    I'm an Igorot (Sagada-Bontoc), married to an Igorot (Benguet). A few years back, we had the chance to have a photo op with a couple of cool (and good-looking I should say) Aetas at Subic. Click on the link below to see the big difference between an Igorot and an Aeta.


  56. Joan Pearl Contada Kito

    Not because they wear bahag doesn't mean they're IGOROTS. And I Believe we Igorots don't waste our time and money just to see celebrities.. eh anu naman kung celebrities sila ? bat may mapapala kami ba pag makikita namin sila ? tas ang iba naman kase, ang alam nila sa mga Igorot ay mga taong nakabahag not knowing na ang kaharap nila mismo ay igorot ..

  57. genevieve

    absolutely this guys are not igorots not because of there physical features it`s just that its not our type to scream on the top of our voice just to get the attention of our celebrity fan,niether to wear our native clothes take our way down to quezon city and pose for a photograph with celebrities,…i wonder why this kind of misrepresentation about igorot keeps on happening,……

  58. George Leo Norte

    I was just wondering how did they get those costumes? I do believe they were not real Igorots by the looks of their built. Well these media companies should be for real. I would not say that It is a struggle to go to Baguio to find real Igorots; even in metropolitan Manila you can actually spot them.

  59. John Bernardo

    Howard Chan lols

  60. Winston Dayos

    they are fisherman people not igorot.

  61. Bobby Jose II

    lol, these are still things I, as one Igorot, can take. 🙂 however, to everybody, do not let things go too far.

  62. John Ales

    I am Half Spanish and Half Igorot, I lived all my life In Baguio City and I am proud to be an Igorot.I agree that the 3 persons in the picture with KC Concepcion are not Igorots.. I don't get it! Why do they need to make up some stories.. it is just plain Stupid!!!!

  63. Torogi

    I am a FBI (full blooded igorot) reigning from the province of Ifugao and Benguet. First, I would like to extend my apology to the tribe of the Aetas for making them wear a costume and represent a different native tribe. The Aetas has been thriving in this island far longer than any other tribe so they deserve more respect than what is being portrayed in this article. Second, the Igorots meaning “mountain people” is a very proud race and should not be misrepresented since it is and will be considered as a sign of disrespect to this beautiful culture. These makes us spite lowlanders even more… Here is a sample of how an igorot looks like:

    Although, the costumes are modernized, they still embody the simplicity, beauty and grandeur of the tribe.

  64. Happy Balikid

  65. Weng Fie

    Yays I'm proudly Igorot and the people in the picture doesn't show one cjatacteristics of an Igorot… LOL ang iitim nila.

  66. Michael Dulnuan

    a inayan daddadaelen da ti image ti igorot,awan piman bsol diay ita a bka binayadan d lng tapnu agsuot t bhag.

  67. Glenn Taraki

    ay apo ignorante paylang nga talaga ti taga baba nu panggep ti igorot…han nga kastoy ti rupa ti igorot…

  68. Naptera Bullz

    Igorots only praise the Almighty God. We don’t give a damn idolizing stupid celebrities,politicians etc etc… Whoever wrote this article should go back to the stone age where he/she belong.

  69. igorotak

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLc9UQo5EUE hey mr. author!!click this link and look who’s singing!!a proud full blooded IGOROT!!

  70. Netz Nyj Andiso

    hohoho..igorots are astig,brainy, they dress like celebrities, talented, good looking and everything.. so never understimate igorots.. Obviously those 3 aren't igorots.

  71. Netz Nyj Andiso

    one thing more, when a sikat na banda daw had a concert at burnham, igorots ang audience and wala lang, walang sumisigaw.. nga nga

  72. Pentang Crisostomo

    That picture is so going to court!

  73. Christian Villalobos

    Hello Guys based on their costumes the are not representing IGOROTS The costumes they wear is very different to the IGOROTS costumes design. IGOROTS costumes deigns mostly LIZARDS, SNAKES etc

  74. Jeaness Acquiapat

    paano kayo nakarating sa ganinong idea? Tignan nyo damit ng babae hindi yan ang damit pangbabae ng igorots,bat di nyo nalang pinasout sa mga ito ang kanilang tradisyunal na damit para naman makilala natin ang mga ibat ibang lahi na nabubuhay sa pinas.at kung gusto nyo lang ipaalam sa mundo na ang igorots ay malayo sa kabihasnan ito ako kahit di tama mga words ko nakakapagsalita me ng wikang pambansa natin.nakapagcomments sa fb tro smartphone gamit ang galaxy note 3 hehe ( yabang din tayo kunti para lang to sa mga media na walang kaalam alam sa mga igorots ok?

  75. Mar Wats

    Correct matitikas ang mga Igorot.

  76. Mar Wats

    Corrrect ka dyan mga Ita yan hindi Igo.

  77. Fleur de Solei

    I just want to say more you people from the media or showbiz or whoever post or took this photo; how dare you. I think you need to learn more your history, your anthropology, your geography and learn who you are not to offend you, i think you also belong to the monkeys and mammals am i right? Check your self even if your E.T. Posting this kind is disrespectful to our ancestors comparing that our ancestors have tattoos on their body symbolizing patriotism because they fought for our land not like this folks you posted with Ms. KC who are posting for commercial purposes and mind you we people from the mountains are not that fanatic and crazy as you are doing in the lowlands. Actor and actresses are just only mammals doing money like everybody else.

  78. Jacob Lee


    We have to calm down. May mali nga sila sa pag gamit ng name na Igorot..We don't need to be too much emotional on this matter..True Igorots are those who really care and protect the lands of Cordillera..It is not a matter of looks and blood only. Nakikita yan sa gawa.. People of the lowlands and media lowlanders are not aware of the culture sensitivity among Igorots that is why they are reckless in doing things like this…..but we have to remember…A GOOD TRIBE IS NOT MEASURED IN ITS WEALTH OR BEAUTY BUT BY ITS GREAT REVERENCE TO THE LAND WHERE ITS PEOPLE BELONGS

  79. Shangrila Tanan Padaco

    They really are not igorots!

  80. Beverly Joy

    ay inayan. haha. irresponsible and it so obvious naman na din sila igorot. kastreeessss.

  81. Percival Menzi Sacpa

    ni apay ada n manong doming,.hahaha

  82. Lisbet

    Yaong mga tao sa larawan na kasama ni Ms. KC ay hindi nga mga Igorot, pero tulad natin (Igorots) natives din sila ng ating Bansa. Kaya naman irespeto din natin sila. Ang mali lang kasi dito, ang media ay nagbibigay ng maling kaalaman tungkol sa mga Igorot. Kaya naman madalas ang mga tao ay nagkakaroon din maling pagiisip tungkol sa kultura ng mga Igorot. Sa kultura naming mga Igorot (I am one of them) hindi kami avid fan ng mga actors and actresses, we appreciate what their doing but we don’t go crazy over them.. FYI, ang mga NATIVES ay nasa CAR! Apayao, Abra, Benguet, Kalinga, Ifugao and Mt. Province not in Quezon City….

  83. Wendy Ekid

    misinformation. may igorot blood ako at alam ko ang totoong itsura ng igorot and this is what media shows? hay nako.

  84. rikki kafut

    hahaha! ay inayan sa mo kanak man no engay naamuan da sa di itsura di igorot, di esa ay pan ilaan no igorot sa, nakaboots original ay levi’s d terno asi cowboy hat, no amey ed manila manlilider jacket uray napudot,toyota d4d d lugana,sanga pulo d elf na back hoe ,bulldozer,d naka parada ed bebeey da,no amey manwidraw naka tsinilas asi naka maong, di tambayan na ed good taste aye sa ad adu pai ngem nay nabay na takay ko nantype

  85. Catherine Gayaso Abuan

    Hahaha its funny funny funny. Ay inayan sa

  86. Michael Dulnuan

    to the media who post wrong information about igorot or
    cordillerans its better you must have to vissit our
    province you are wellcome and igorots are do not
    idolize celebrities so please do not manipulate the
    true information about igorot's.

  87. Mercides Heryford

    Yes, people from law lands were really ignorant, kunada nga adda kano ti tail ti igorots, lalo jay taga Bisayas.

  88. Joshua Apioten

    why would you mind this fuss, let them hide from their ignorance (the media) who cant distinguish an Igorot from other natives… am too, is a full blooded igorot of four different breed..Igorots really have tails but only the men and most tails aren't found behind..its in front of the man…Kaya kayong mga tao kung wala kayong alam sa issue or you have no background at all about critical issues..better shut up…

  89. Kokey Lengpa

    these 3 people in the pic with KC may look like they could be from anywhere in the Phil and they look like just normal Filipinos.They may look like tagalogs, they may look like visayans or ilokanos, just like normal Filipinos. They only bad thing is that they wore our native costume so they were thought to be Igorots.If I turned 60 and God asked me to turn back my age to 18 but he'll change my being Igo to any other breed, I'd say ''Lord, no pls……I'd rather be 60 and remain an Igo''Celebrities don't come to Baguio that much because they're not being recognized like they should be like in some other places.

  90. Lem Aoas

    ay apo met dgta.. nkta d lng nga pimpiman ket ibaga d nga igorot en… taraki tupay ti igorot

  91. Lem Aoas

    wen han nga kasta… kastoy o…. heheheh

  92. Lem Aoas

    kaya siguro may pinapatay na mediamen dahil s katangahan…..

  93. Beverly Elefante Ventura

    I agree that the three beautiful people on the picture are not Igorots. But I am so disappointed, that a lot of Igorots who commented here are saying that these Aetas look ugly and that Igorots look better than them.. Who are we to say that these Aetas are ugly. Igorots don't have the right to say that these Aetas are ugly, in the same way, nobody has the right to say that Igorots are ugly. Aetas are beautiful and unique people and so are the Igorots.

  94. Marcela Zerah Lingaling Janowski

    I have respect for any group of people. We are all God's creation, and I have nothing against them but as a true igorot, I can see and tell that these people are not. They are good looking people but not I gotta. The media misrepresented us igorots as they always will and exploited these people in who are in these picture. ms kc you have been taking in for a ride by these people who got you to pose with these group of people, if I were you , I would go back to these media group and ask them why.

  95. Marcela Zerah Lingaling Janowski

    True . As a igorot, I know my people, we do not normally got to so called celebrities or run after them. We just do not give a damn,we are happy by ourselves. These are not igorots, they are just merely exploited by these so called media reporters. (Very dishonest people)

  96. Torogi


  97. Maria Urduja Osit Li

    Lem Aoas Issu ngarud…here in Metro Manila they have a distorted view of the Igorot people, you show them photos of 21st Igorot dudes kett, ibbaga da nga Japanese or Koreans…they are stuck with images of Indigenous peoples of ancient times.

  98. Angelo Cristobal

    As Tita Cath would say Tonto at Tonta nga Ate Doj yung mga researchers nila. here they have to check this promo video for an Igorot Indie film, yung past and present look ng Igorot tribes, they are like any of us hano, nakakalokah mga writers at researchers yan!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qElkEcMAfdU

  99. Keith Haelter

    tarantado ketdi dagita nga media(inquirer).. fuck you! Igorots nowadays are not even in their BAHAGs every second, every minute, every hour, and every day. they know WHEN to wear it! Cmon media, be responsible enough to double check, ask these people you're interviewing who they really are. ket nu dinamag da kuma jay tallo nga nakabaag nga dagita ahh ket claro tayu kuma. tafyud adi adi dijay nga tao!

  100. Keith

    tarantado ketdi dagita nga media(inquirer).. fuck you! Igorots nowadays are not even in their BAHAGs every second, every minute, every hour, and every day. we know WHEN to wear it! Cmon media, be responsible enough to double check what you’re writing, ask these people you’re interviewing who they really are. ket nu dinamag da kuma jay tallo nga nakabaag nga dagita ahh ket claro tayu kuma. tafyud adi adi dijay nga tao!

  101. SACLA


  102. Jenny-vi Depaynos Fontanilla

    I'm a full blooded igorot and I'm proud of it.. I remember my costumer before when I'm selling overran clothes, one of my three guys costumers asked " saan ang mga igorot dito miss?" I said.. " ako igorot ako.. bakit? ooyyss d nga tanung pa nya.. bat maputi at maganda ka… oh my God!!! bakit anung tingin mo sa igorot balik kung tanung na namumula na sa galit at inis.. maitim na me buntot…. eto ang sa tingin nila sa igorot..they are not well educate about igorots now a days.. they don't know that igorots are rich, beautiful,mistisahin at matalino…grrrr!!!! dahil narin sa mga media at mga artista kuno…

  103. R-Nold Langcato Mayangao

    Ay inayan paysa! They are Aetas not igorot on the photo taken with Kc…

  104. Cren Troyal

    i hate the author.. research you…..

  105. Micha Jewel

    They are not igorots. They only buy tht traditional attire just to pose.

  106. Fred Bautista

    want to see an Igorot???? the newly crown MR,,PHILIPPINES,,is a Pure IGOROT<<that's how Igorots looks?????

  107. Glenn Taraki

    wen na xtra an hahaha

  108. Wesler

    Looking at those three stoogies! They are not of our breed, am pretty sure those who have frequented central Luzon and who have seen our brethren minorities there looks perfectly and I am sure they belong to that tribe. I have nothing against because I knew that the perpetrator of this photo cannot get one from our igorot tribesmen to pose for them. It is not our culture to be idolizing as others do to this people although we do appreciate people too. I bet you, these three people are also victims but what may be insulting would be using our costumes to be represented as such while in truth you are not. ” adi Ammon da tona san etag or kiniing”. Pana San Amoda. I am a pure breed igorot Benguet bontoc married to a purely breed igorot bontoc besao. We’d better go plant kamote than spend money going for the pictorial. Love my tribe!

  109. Aydah Cutiyog Hawi

    That's true.

  110. Aydah Cutiyog Hawi

    I am also a proud Igorot from the Ifugao tribe. I agree with Jovy Elpidio.

  111. Ammie Joaquin

    omg… i think these people need to have a research on what the igorots look like… ginagawa nyo kming tanga at ignorante ang masaklap dun eh pinatunayan nyo n
    kayo ang tanga, ignorante at bobo… why not open your eyes on the reality that we are prettier and more handsome than you…

  112. Helen Calingayan

    Igorots are peoples!!! They are proud to wear their traditional dresses to show partly their cultural identity but please do not use us for publicity. We wear our dresses to show that we are distinct peoples. Please visit the websites of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples Issues (UNPFII) and other websites dealing with indigenous issues.

  113. Helen Calingayan

    Indigenous peoples like the Igorots in northern Philippines such as the Ifugaos (to which I belong) are every where and are proud peoples. Please do not use us as a commodity rather uphold and implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

  114. Alvin Ticangan


  115. Alvin Ticangan


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