PROSECUTE THIS GUY: Robert Blair Carabuena

Hope this guys gets imprisoned for assaulting the poor MMDA employee. The guy’s name is Robert Blair Carabuena. This fat dude who seem to love to throw his weight around is a proven douchebag. I don’t know what the MMDA officer did to irk this pig but no matter what you don’t just go slapping people in public! What a power tripper!

This dude is employed by Philip Morris International. I hope he gets fired. I’m sure a company as big as this would not want to associate itself with this douchebag excuse of a man. This guy also deleted his FB and Twitter accounts probably hiding from public backlash. You can get links to the cached profile sites here. Just read his tweets and you’ll understand what spoiled pig this douchebag is.

Maybe we should allow MMDA officers to carry guns?


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