SWA members deleting comments when they can’t handle the truth

SWA members deleting comments when they can't handle the truth

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Howard Chan (The Student)

Howard considers himself as an armchair activist. Though his street rally days are in a slumber he still advocates changes via social media. He is a strong believer that awareness of various social issues is a good starting point in order to break out from the stranglehold of an oppressive system which only benefits the few. He is also a full time student and a part time blogger, part time web designer, part time web manager/designer for various clients. (Note: Howard Chan passed the 2014 Bar Exams and was admitted to the Philippine Bar on April 29, 2015. That being, all posts after April 29, 2015 authored by him are now under the name Howard Chan for the purpose of distinguishing posts he made as a non-lawyer from posts he made after admission to the bar).


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  1. Lee Li

    Hi, Howard. I have similar situation, I posted a question on a SWA facebook group page asking who are those member of SWA that hasn't been getting earnings. To my surprise and also the members themselves, more than 300 members respond that they are not getting back their investment. Then i think the owner of the page notice that this kind of post is bad for their business they decided to block my post

  2. Howard Chan

    yes, mahirap kasi makipag argue sa mga SWA members kasi pag natatalo eh nagdedelete ng post.. although i can't blame some kasi baka ganun ang utos sa kanila ng mga boss nila.. ewan q ba, ung ibang new recruits eh nagbubulagbulagan na lang at pilit pa ring nagrerecruit para mabawi ung investment nila.. but that in turn is spreading the scam.. that's why i'm doing as much as i can para mainform mga tao about this scam pero sadly mas malakas hatak ng mga pictures daw ng mga kumita sa swa na ginagawang pamaypay ung kita nila.. haist..

  3. Lhai La Lai


  4. Lhai La Lai

    Is SWA registered the country's Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)? If not, then why not?

    Supreme Wealth Alliance Corporation does NOT have a local SEC registration and it is because SWAC is not a local traditional company that needs to be registered in any local governing body. SWAC is a legally registered international corporation in the sovereign country of Belize… as an IBC (International Business Company) company… and has fulfilled all necessary requirements an IBC company should comply with. And since our scope is GLOBAL VIA THE INTERNET, we do not have any local offices nor any local registration in any of the 200 countries where we currently have members. We operate 100% in cyberspace (internet) and do not occupy a physical space in any given municipality, city or even country. Since we operate online, we have to comply with the online laws. The same way Facebook, Google, you tube, eBay and other online companies are not registered locally with our SEC, we also follow the same regulations.

    In addition, all operation, transactions, product sourcing, and product delivery are done 100% via the internet, and NOT within the soils or jurisdiction of any country… that is why there is no necessity to register locally in any of the countries wherein we have members and affiliates.

  5. Howard Chan

    Read this and we debunked this argument already.. i'm sure after reading this argument, you too will delete your comment just like every other SWA member before you did! http://howard.uberdigests.info/2013/11/19/swa-is-a-scam/

  6. Howard Chan

    in case you don't want to click on the link, let me tell you why SWA is wrong in that argument you just posted above:

    1. your argument finds no support in law. The Corporation Code is clear when it says that ALL foreign corporations that seeks to do business here in the PHL must be registered before they can legally do business here. it does not classify whether or not modern or traditional because there's no such classification.

    2. SWA is not exempted because they do business online. This is pure BS. most of the recruiters are still here in the PHL doing the recruitment. SWA recruiters are physically here in the PHL, hence, being the agents of SWA, SWA is doing business here in the PHL through SWA recruiters/members. If we follow the logic of your argument above, it would seem that to SWA members, if a corporation, like Toyota Philippines, sells cars online, they do not need to register. That's of course BS because then, how would the country tax the sale? or the earnings of Toyota.

    Now let's change our example to a digital product. What if a corporation sells websites online and that corporation is based here in the Philippines, would that mean it will not register too because it is selling digital products online? Of course not, it still needs to register.

    Take a look at BPO's too (call centers) who does chat and email support like Sitel or Aegis. They do the transactions via the cyberspace but these two companies still register that's why we have Sitel Philippines and Aegis Philippines. They need to register even though business via them is being done online! So your arguments above is BS. I expounded more on that in the article, but I'm sure magbubulagbulagan kayong mga SWA members! feel free to delete your comment later like most of your cohorts did.

  7. Lhai La Lai

    you know what? kaya we keep ignoring people like you kc hindi naman nakakatulong ang mga negatrons n kagaya mo…ok to make you happy bibigyan kita ng good news Supreme Wealth Alliance Philippines Incorporated is on process…at kung meron man hindi pa kumukita sa SWA it is simply because nangangapa pa sila sa business na pinasukan nila..kung hindi k pa masaya y dont you ask 60k members of SWA including our policers officers members kung na scam nga sila…nice try kuya pero nauuwi sa nganga ang mga naninira sa SWA… dahil ganun kabait ang system namin..last post ko na to wala tayong dapat pagtalunan.. hindi kami nagcoconvince ng tao we are just sharing the business nasa sa kanila kung mag jojoin sla or hindi…hindi kami namimilit… pero nagpapasalamat kami sa SWA dahil natutulungan kami nito at nakakatulong pa kami sa kapwa namin sa halip na manira kami =)

  8. Howard Chan

    Lhai, i'm not negative.. i'm just being reasonable.. so all of a sudden pina-process na incorporation ng SWA? i thought you guys are a hard-believer na hindi dapat kayo mag incorporate kasi "non-traditional corporation" kayo.. ano nangyari?

    so after all you are now acknowledging that my arguments are right.. thank you!

    Anyway, if you are really on the process of incorporating, can you tell us who your incorporators are? And what type of corporation will you be? Pakilala ng SWA na kayo ay "investment" company? What exactly are you investing on? Mahal ang capitalization ng isang foreign investment corporation.. it is about Php2.5 million.. may mga stockholders ba ang SWA? are recruiters and recruits stockholders?

    Also, again. I keep on reiterating this pero none of you seem to understand.. it does not matter qng kumikita ang mga SWA members or not. What makes it illegal is the fact that it is not registered with the SEC and that SWA and its members make money primarily on recruitment and not ebooks. Can you show me proof that your ebooks are bestsellers? Ni wala nga kayong proof and all the while I have shown you proof that the bestselling ebooks are fiction ebooks (novels)..

  9. Uvie M. Ptwolan

    personal opinion ko po sa mga naloloko pa ng gaya ng SWA ay mga "ambisyong yumaman pero bobo" sorry po medyo masakit pero totoo po.. dapat po kasi, tutal hightech na po tayo at sa online naman po natin nakiita ang mga iyan, eh mag reresearch po tayo ng maigi bago papasok sa mga ganyan.. wag basta basta magpapabulag sa nakakapanlinlang na pangako ng "business" na yan.

  10. Singwa Shion

    its good that there are vigilant people like you who extend their concern to others…. thank you!

  11. Swa Sherluck Villanueva

    bakit di kumikita ang SWA MEMBERS NA BAGO o LUMA ? KASI DI NILA

  12. Nimitz E Batioco Jr.

    wawa mo naman te,,, bobong bobo ka… makikipagtalo ka pa @lhai la lai….

  13. Argen Sanvictores

    Howard Chan Ano ba pinag lalaban dito? bakit hindi mo nalang dalin sa Supreme court 😛

  14. Jade Lim


  15. The Dollhouse Closet

    Jade Lim Same sentiments here. The photos they use are clearly edited (parang MS Paint nga lang ginamit eh). What's surprising is andami pa rin nilang na-hook even though it is obvious that the photos are easily manipulated. Tsk. Online business nga naman, pero hindi makapag hire ng decent graphic designer? Pwe!

  16. rye

    Ganun po talaga eh… Wala namang mananalo kung makikipagtalo ka sa mga walang kwentang bagay…

    Ano nga ba naman mapapala nila…

    Magsasayang lng ng oras…

    Part naman talaga ng business ang magkaroon ng ganito…

    Kung ano man ang gusto mong ipromote malamang hindi ka umasenso… Kasi mas pinagtutuunan mo ng pansin yung company ng iba kesa sarili mo…

    Mind your own business ika nga…

    Malamang may magsponsor sayo kumita ka kaya sa paninira sa iba?

  17. ArcadeSector

    ganyan2x din yung kinomment nung mga nascam sa AMAN ano nangyari sa kanila ngayon nawala ng parang bula hehehhe

  18. Alvin

    parang ponzi scheme lng ah.. pag ala ng support mag collapse na. huli talo dyan sa ganyang laro haha!

  19. Wilbrechz Durano Sayson

    totoo ang swa ay isang scam. swa member ako … kaso lng di ako nag recruit ng mga tao dahil naisil isip ko na mali nga naman recruit ka ng recruit kahit alam mong walang kwenta ang binibentang libro. nung nka tanggap ako ng message sa swa na may 70$ ako dahil sa sa spilled over masaya ako dahil sa wakas mababawi ko na ang ininvest ko sa swa… sabi 7days lang process ng pay out tapos umabot na ng 10 to 15 days di kasali ang sabado at linggo na araw.. till now wala parin yung pinipay out ko na pera .. nung tanungin ko ang isa sa mga manager ng swa di naman nag reply…. mmmmmm bakit kaya!? kaya kayo nag babalak na sumali, wag nyo na ituloy.

    1. Cj

      totoo yan dude… total waste of money, maigi pang ibinili ko nalang ng paninda yung 2k+ sigurado pa may tubo … kanila na yung ininvest ko…naniniwala pa rin naman ako sa bad at good karma….

  20. Ralph Arveen Orbegoso Cabigon

    dati narin akong nagtangka na sumali sa SWA pero hina ng kitaan diyan, wala pang office at mga branch, uso pa naman ang mga scam ngayon. Hirap basahin ng mga libro, minsan may mga copyrights pa, bibihira lang ang mga yumayaman kasi pangit at di madaling magets ang marketing plan, at dahil home based, natuturuang maging tamad ang mga member kaya ang pagyaman is unfair.. kinaiinisan pa ng mga fb user kc malakas magspamming, karamihan sa mga swa member inaunfollow kc nakakairita at makulit. kung maysakit ka at bumili ka ng ebooks, gagaling ka? dapat yung mga totoong products.. Alanganin pa sa DSAP.

  21. Arnel Villaceran

    May nagyaya na rin sa akin dito sa FB ng SWA, pero tinignan ko muna ung process ng negosyo o investment, ebooks daw ung ibebenta atbp. online products, pero bakit priority ung pag-rerecruit… hanggang sa basa ko itong blog na ito. Para sa akin ang paraan ng SWA ay "member ka na ng SWA, na-scam k n nmin, papatalo kaba? mang-scam ka ng iba para mabawi mo ung nawala sayo".

  22. juliana

    Thank you Howard for enlighten me about SWA…

  23. Mark C. Tacorda

    Mag ingat sa SCAM!

    Mag-ingat sa kompanya na SCAM, tulad nitong UPWARM LIMITED, CO. I Highly recommended na mag DXN po kayo… http://marktacorda.dxnnet.com | http://dxnbarcelona.dxnnet.com | http://marktacorda.wordpress.com

  24. toni

    Thank God i know how to use google kung hindi na scam na ako

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