NBO Global is a Scam!

NBO Global is a scam

NBO Global NRZ, Inc., as its name implies, is a registered corporation. So, as an entity it is legit.

But is it doing business the legitimate way?

The answer is no.

There is more than one way to determine if a networking company is legitimate or not. I have pointed some here – and we can use those yardsticks or we can also use the guidelines issued by the Direct Selling Association of the Philippines (DSAP).

The DSAP issued an 8-Point Test which can be used by consumers like us in determining whether or not a direct selling company is legitimate or not (pyramiding scam). This 8-point test is more relevant in the case of NBO Global because it claims to be a direct selling company.

So let’s analyze NBO Global’s business using DSAP’s 8-Point Test. Remember, a “No” answer to even just one of the 8-Point Test is already enough to warrant a conclusion that a company is a scam.

1. Is there a product?

It would seem at first that the answer to this questions is “Yes”. In fact, NBO’s website has provided some of their products, which are: NBO Moringa Leaves Extract, NBO Guyabano Extract, NBO Sambong Extract, and NBO Turmeric Extract, and some other products not displayed on their website but are displayed on their FB pages.

The problem with these products is that they’re not even proven to be safe for consumption. In order to have a legitimate product, NBO should legitimize their products. If you take a look at the images of their products below, it even looks like the labeling was just photoshopped:

NBO Guyabano Product

NBO Moringa Products

NBO Gold Mountain Products

Further, what are these Gold Mountain products? Are these products manufactured by NBO? Does NBO manufacture its own products? Or are they just resellers or wholesalers of these products? If so, do they have the right to re-label? It would even seem that they are just repacking these products they claim to be theirs. If you notice, any legit product out there would indicate on their label the place where they were manufactured as well as the address of the manufacturer. In the case of NBO, no such information can be found on their product labels – a clear indication that they are just magically getting these products from somewhere and then re-label them as NBO products.

At any rate, no matter what rights NBO has over these products, these products should be approved by the BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs) before they can be marketed. How can these NBO products compete with other BFAD approved products? How can people trust these products? How can NBO members market these products if these products are not quality tested by the appropriate government agencies? Without any legitimizing measures being undertaken by NBO Global, it would seem that they have no legitimate products at all and the products listed on their website is just a front or a smokescreen to hide their real business focus, which is recruitment of members.

Recently also, NBO is claiming itself to be a “paluwagan”. So now they are claiming you do not need to recruit or sell anything to earn. See image below:

NBO as paluwagan

The issue here is that, they registered as a corporation and not as a cooperative. So how in the world can they claim to be a paluwagan? And if you ask them how their business works, they will tell you to send them a private message so that they can explain it to you. There’s no transparency at all. But to tell you frankly, any “business” out there which tells you to PM them first before they can tell you the details is downright dubious – so don’t join them!

Anyway, if they are a paluwagan, how will you earn? We all know how a paluwagan works. NBO labeling itself as a paluwagan is just a poor attempt to detach itself from the fact that it is fastly being recognized as a pyramid scam.

2. Are commissions paid on sale of products and not on registration/entry fees?

No. Although it does say on their website that you can earn commissions by direct selling:

Direct Selling with NBO

…this is just a mere smokescreen because NBO’s real business focus is on recruitment. As discussed above, they have no legitimate product. The products they have are not proven to be safe for consumption. That being, they have no market – because who will be brave enough to consume products that are not BFAD approved. Recruitment is the real business of NBO and they earn primarily from the entry fees paid by recruits. Just look at how they promote their compensation plan below:


NBO Binary and Fastrack Plan

NBO Pay Schemes

From the above, it shows that you earn every time there’s a new recruit. (But note that you do not get that earnings immediately, as you have to accumulate P4,500.00 first – and, of course you do not get that entire amount because NBO will get its cut. After NBO get its cut, your take home commission is P3,200.00). In sum, the system of earning is dependent upon the number of recruits and not upon the sales of goods.

3. Is there intent to sell a product not a position?

No. There is no intent to sell a product at all. Again, what they are selling is a position or a membership into NBO.

Why is there no intention to sell products?

There is no intention to sell products because in the first place, NBO did not legitimize their product. They have no BFAD accreditation. Their products are not marketable and are not competitive. They are not building on their product brand. On the contrary, they focus on recruitment.

4. Is there no direct correlation between the number of recruits and compensation?

No. There is a direct correlation. This simply means, the more recruits, the more earnings. As can be seen from their graphics above, ideally, you earn P7.50 for every recruit who joins the company. But the sad thing is that, you do not even earn that much for every recruit. Due to the high number of members, every time a new member is recruited, the entry fee paid by that  member (after the company gets its cut – allegedly for NBO’s safety net) is divided among those who were recruited earlier. So right now, NBO members are earning  below P7.50 per new recruit. They can only provide that P7.50 earnings if members will be aggressive in their recruitment. In short, the number of new recruits must outnumber the current number of active members. Such a business model is very dangerous and unsustainable because it is empirically proven that when it comes to pyramiding, there will always be a finite number of people that you can recruit.

5. If recruitment were to be stopped today, will the participants still make money?

No. Since earning is dependent on recruitment, once recruitment is stopped, earnings will also stop. NBO has no legitimate product so do not expect that unpaid members can recover their losses by selling NBO products.

6. Is there a reasonable product return policy?

No. Such policy does not exist. It is nowhere to be found on their website, nor can it be found on their official FB pages.

7. Do products have fair market value?

No. In fact, most of their products do not have a price tag. But no matter what, these products cannot compete with other brands. Look, as a consumer, people will always have to be conscious of what they are buying specially when it comes to supplements. No one wants to risk his or health by buying products that are not BFAD approved. Besides, as far as supplements are concerned, we always have affordable generic brands sold by reputable outlets. So why would we want these NBO products the safety of which is not even guaranteed?

8.  Is there a compelling reason to buy?

No. We’ve been answering this question all along. Again, NBO products are not BFAD approved. Who will buy such products? There are alternative brands out there which are already proven and tested.

Aside from the 8-Point Test above, let’s also take a look at the other dubious aspects of NBO Global.

On the issue of what NBO Global really is

Is it a direct selling company? Is it a paluwagan? Is it an investment company? What business is it supposed to engage in?

Well, we do not exactly know because it has not posted its articles of incorporation. What we do know is that it poses to be a direct selling company and at the same time a paluwagan. A rather odd combination. As a direct selling company, NBO Global is not DSAP accredited, so that makes it even more dubious. As a paluwagan, it is not a legitimate one. Only NBO is labeling itself as a paluwagan but the truth is, it is merely a pyramid scam. Members earn through recruitment and again it is clear from the 8-Point Test above that earning from recruitment is not allowed under the law. For more on this, watch the video below:

On the issue that a lot of politicians and police officers have already joined NBO, so why should we not join? (Hindi naman daw tanga ang mga politicians at mga pulis na ito.)

This is quite similar to the arguments posed by SWA members when I made an article exposing SWA as a scam. But consider this, most of these politicians did not actually invest. They were invited pro bono. They were only invited to join for free so that NBO will have what we may call “star power”.  But of course some of these people also invested but only because they know they can earn because they can use their influence in recruiting people. The point is, he who can recruit is the one who earns more. So if I am an influential person, say a cop or a politician, I know that I can earn easily with this type of business because I can use my influence to force other people to invest and be on my downline.

Let’s also not forget that there are a lot of politicians who invested in scams in the past. Just look at First Quadrant. Remember Mike Defensor? Aman Futures and that disgraced ex-mayor of Pagadian. Not all politicians who join a certain company is right. Not all policemen know the law when it comes to pyramiding (watch this). They could be wrong, knowingly or unknowingly – for now let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

On the issue that NBO produced millionaires or that it is giving out cars

Remember that the structure of businesses like NBO is a pyramid. The higher you are on the pyramid, the more you earn. In fact, for every entry fee paid, NBO gets a significant cut. And who gets to pocket this cut? The founders of course – the person on top of the pyramid. That is why they are the millionaires. That is why they can afford to give out cars or any other promos (which are by the way not DTI registered, did you know that promos need to be DTI registered?). But who gets to win the cars that NBO gives out? Not someone who does not recruit of course! It has to be the most aggressive, most successful recruiter. The car is a reward for bringing in recruits! So if you are someone who is shy on recruiting, don’t expect to be a millionaire. Again, the point is: Recruitment is the main business of NBO (just like that of SWA and UPWARM). And again, earning solely or primarily on recruitment is pyramiding which is absolutely prohibited by Article 53 of the Consumer Act.

On the issue that NBO Global’s compensation plan is defective

You must note that in NBO’s compensation plan, there is no outright or immediate earning. To recapitulate, your account needs to earn P4,500.00 first in order for you to withdraw your cut of P3,200.00. So how does your account earn? Well, first you need to recruit at least two people (Binary) and then you will be eligible for their FasTrack Plan where you will earn P7.50 for every recruit. So for your account to earn P4,500.00, there must at least be 600 new recruits who will join after you. Imagine that? 600 recruits! Note that from the entry fee that is paid, NBO already gets its cut so the remainder is distributed among active members – so what’s happening in reality is that members earn less than P7.50 per new recruit. That means you will need to recruit more in order to earn. Worse, once the P4,500.00 is accumulated on your account, NBO gets another cut and that leaves you with just P3,200.00. After that, you need to pay another entry fee to earn and then go through the same process. So from that P3,200.00, if you wish to re-cycle, deduct another entry fee and what’s left will be your real earning. In the end, the real earnings are gained by the founders of NBO or those on top of the pyramid. Watch this video below which explains other loopholes in the compensation plan of NBO:

There is an ongoing issue with the compensation plan of NBO. It is bound to fail. In fact, if you would look at NBO’s FB pages here and here, you can read the mounting complaints of unpaid members. So if you are thinking of joining NBO, or any other illegal networking out there (like SWA or UPWARM), better think again.

If you are a member of NBO who wants to file a complain, read this.

Again, h’wag magpagoyo sa mga illegal na networking businesses. Tignan po natin ang website ng DSAP para sa mga lehitimong MLM companies. Kung wala sa listahan ng DSAP ang MLM na nagrerecruit sa’yo, malamang scam lang ‘yan. Hindi po masama ang maghanap ng extra income. In fact, recommended po ‘yan. Pero ang sa akin lang, idaan natin sa legal na paraan. Kasi kung sumali ka sa illegal na business, hindi mo namamalayan pero nagiging kasabwat ka sa panloloko. Tandaan, sa pyramiding, ang mga yumayaman lang ay ang mga nauna sa’yo, sila ang mga taong nasa tuktok ng pyramid. Sila ang tunay na kumikita at hindi ikaw! Ang payong ito ay hindi dahil sa negatibo ako o “negatron”. Ako po ay nagmamalasakit lamang.


About the author

Howard Chan (The Student)

Howard considers himself as an armchair activist. Though his street rally days are in a slumber he still advocates changes via social media. He is a strong believer that awareness of various social issues is a good starting point in order to break out from the stranglehold of an oppressive system which only benefits the few. He is also a full time student and a part time blogger, part time web designer, part time web manager/designer for various clients. (Note: Howard Chan passed the 2014 Bar Exams and was admitted to the Philippine Bar on April 29, 2015. That being, all posts after April 29, 2015 authored by him are now under the name Howard Chan for the purpose of distinguishing posts he made as a non-lawyer from posts he made after admission to the bar).


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  1. Vigilante

    AFTER NG SWA na namamayagpag pa rin sa pagka a SCAM
    AFTER NG Upwarm na nangscam sa napakaraming tao
    may NBO n naman n bagong SCAM?
    hay buhay 🙁

    1. Ruzzel

      Yung NBO RNZ hinahanap na ngayon yung pinakahead nyan c, Lorenzo Vargas, ibinalita sa radyo kahapon. kaya scam pala yan!!!

  2. Howard Chan

    di aq member ng nbo. di rin aq member ng kahit na anong mlm or any business networking company.

  3. Joe Peter Briol

    hehe naghahanap lng yan ng sekreto para magtayo ng sariling monoline.obvious nmn na ang pagtatanong is only a fact how to get information.kitang kita din na nag failed na sya sa ganitong industrya.mahirap ang monoline palalaliman ito ng knolegde at diskarte ng magtatayo.

  4. Nbo Mel

    file a complaint then…

    1. SWA Buster

      file a complaint?

      yan n lang ba sasabihin nyo?

      mga gagong scammer kayo!

  5. jeff

    May mga tao na sadyang ingget lang sa nbo dahil patuloy na umuunlad si nbo, may mga gumaya kay nbo pero bgla silang nagsara dahil may mga bagay sila na hinde nagaya kaya hinde sila tumagal, legal ang nbo at marameng mga patunay, maraming naninira kay nbo, sila ay innget lamang, sa paninira nila dinadaan ang lahat, marami ng member ang nbo, maging kahit anung propesyon man, governor, pulis, etc, marami ng branch si nbo sa pilipinas merun na din sa singapore and soon to open,

  6. Jeffrey Lopez Perez

    Howard chan, a cheapshot blogger, who gains traffic by targeting popular MLM's.. di umubra yan samin sa SWA.. kaya ayan NBO nman tinitira.. wag patulan.. kasi kumikita yan ng 0.01$ per Click naten..

    1. Howard Chan (The Student)

      Lol, SWA Jeff PErez, you do not know how blogs work. Binasa mo ba mga ebooks niyo? Ang alam q eh may ebook doon na nageexplain qng paano namomonetize ang isang blog. Itong blog q, hindi monetized. Pansin mo walang ads! Kaya wala aq kita sa mga hits or clicks! Sagutin nio nlng mga points ung article at hwag lumihis sa argument..

    2. SWA Buster

      cheapshot blogger ba kamo yung gumawa nito?

      kamusta naman ang mga kinikita mong galing sa SCAM mong SWA?
      Masarap ba magpalamon ng Pamliya galing sa Kinikita mo?
      Kinikita sa paraan ng panloloko ng mga TAO na sumali sa SCAM na SWA mo?


    3. SWA Buster

      i -cheap shot mo mukha mo

      isa k pang kupal n scammer!

      marami k na cgurong pinalamon gamit ang mga kinita mo sa scam n swa mo diba?


  7. Geoff Pamu Gero

    May mga tao na sadyang ingget lang sa nbo dahil patuloy na umuunlad si nbo, may mga gumaya kay nbo pero bgla silang nagsara dahil may mga bagay sila na hinde nagaya kaya hinde sila tumagal, legal ang nbo at marameng mga patunay, maraming naninira kay nbo, sila ay innget lamang, sa paninira nila dinadaan ang lahat, marami ng member ang nbo, maging kahit anung propesyon man, governor, pulis, etc, marami ng branch si nbo sa pilipinas merun na din sa singapore and soon to open,

    1. Yhen Dela Druz

      paktay ka diha naloko na binalita na sa tv kagabe NBO scam ah.. tsk tsk.. tinamaan ng lintik hahahahah

  8. Nbo Rico Calamba

    magandang umaga mga idol.. kung sino man ang my mga reklamo sa nbo welcome po kayo pumunta sa main ofice para mag sampa ng reklamo sa amin.. or kung d nyo nman kaya kme ang mag sasampa ng kaso sa inyo sa paninirang puri sa companya na nakaka tulong sa mga mamamayang pilipino…

  9. Alex

    Great! magandang pagkaunawa sa MLM/Network Marketing industry!
    NBO is not a network marketing company, HYIP lang yan meaning “high yield investment program” lang yan 😉 when the recruitment stops, income also stops! dahil walang product movement or services sa nbo malabo talaga tatagal…kaso tuwang tuwa mga member dun, kung mgaling na network marketer ka, hindi ka mtutuwa na after mgakaroon ng 4500 na income yung isang account mo, graduate na. sa tunay na MLM, unlimited ang income ng isang account. mga TANGA lang ang natutuwa sa hyip, sa nbo na yan…thanks sa author nito….
    good job, keep it up

  10. Nbo Mel

    this is not the official statement of NBO-Global NRZ INC.

    Im doing this to protect the team of onliners. this is the first and last post na makikita nyo sakin about HOWARD CHAN, and his accusations regarding NBO is a scam…

    1. linawin ko NBO is not "corporation"
    kung titignan mo "NEW BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY NRZ INC. – obviously naman siguro…

    2. PRODUCTS- the pic show in his blog is not the actual label of guyabano fruit extract.

    3. BFAD – yes meron po ang company natin na bfad which is FDA na ngayon

    4. CAPITAL CHART- ndi ko alam saan mo kinuha but the thing is ndi yan ung capital chart ng nbo.

    5. PRODUCT SELLING – yes, every product entry u buy u get a bottle of food supplements.

    6. At Nbo the more you buy product packages the better your income…

    7. POLITICIANS – they were not invited "pro-bono" … this is their choice…

    8. NBO PRODUCED MILLIONAIRES- YES,pero sa sarili nila itong kinita. here at nbo walang nauna at walang nahuli naka depende yan sa product package na bibilhin mo.

    9. We have also outright (100) commission which we get automatically when someone purchased the product package

    10. DSAP – bakit ba gigil na gigil ka sa dsap. Why dont you check Aim Global been in the MLM business for 7 years yet wala silang DSAP. How bout Uno? do they have DSAP?

    But then again, this is online nothing will happen… Main office is open from monday to saturday. if you have complaints then file it legally…


    Yes negative sya, walang perfecr system, walang natagal ng 3 months…. sarado na. as sir Uling Cyril says…

    What if Nbo crack the system?

    do u remember yers ago ang binary tinatawag nila na scam, nun naperfect ang system kaliwaan na nag tatayo ng mga
    company na binary…

    Wag nyo higitin pababa ang isang kumpanya na hindi napalya ang pay out. bakit di nyo silipin ang mga scammers talaga sa industriya ng MLM… daming ndi makulong kulong. silipin mo mag asawang miranda, hanggang ngayon nanjan pa din at nag pepay out ng codes. N7 na ngayon Aos na pagkatapos maka takbo nila ng pera. ABC na HPI na ngayon.

    Yung isang leader nuon na napabalita na patay na dahil sa adzens days, ngayon nabuhay nakaka 3 ng palit ng pangalan ng kumpanya.

    payo lang ang problemahin mo yung pag aaral mo nakaka luto ng utak ang LAW. wag mong pag practisan ang kumpanya namin na may resulta na. Hindi mo ikakayaman yan, mang hila ng mga tao pababa… if kung may complaint ka pa. sa legql na paraan.

    nanawagan ako sa kapwa members ko na wag na po tayo mag comment dito the more na pinapansin the more na nag papansin.

    1. conrado ganibi

      wala na talaga ang nbo ngayon at nagsisipagtago na mga opisyal,like nadine and lorenzo vargas…maawa kayo sa mga niloko nyo,ibalik nyo na mga pera namin,mahiya kayo…………..

    2. Harold

      Legit ba ang HPI o scam rin? Hindi kasi ako familiar sa ABC at wala rin akong mahanap online na nagsasabing scam ito.

      1. anonymous

        May sec advisory na sila nung may22. Sabi ng members naayos n daw sa sec at aalisin na sa website ng sec yung advisory until now andun pa.

        Tapos para matabunan ata yung ussue ayun mega promote sa philstar at channel 2

        Ano ung abc n company wala din online info. Eto chairman hpi baka front lang may iba ngpptkbo company?? Anyone who can share info?

  11. Howard Chan

    At qng ayaw magrefund complain na po kayo sa DTI or sa NBI… or follow this: http://howard.uberdigests.info/2014/06/04/steps-in-filing-complaints-against-scams-in-the-philippines/

  12. Howard Chan

    Haay nako.. una pa lang sablay ka na.. korporasyon po ang NBO.. di mo alam?? sumasali ka jan tapos di mo alam.. sa mga legal forms na binabandera nio andun po ang certificate of incorporation nio.. ibig sabihin corporation kayo.. pero di naman yan ang issue dito eh.. ang issue ung violation nio ng DSAP guidelines.. ang DSAP ay accredited private partner ng DTI in impelementing the consumer act.. Aminado ka pa palang tagilid ang monoline tapos willing ka pa na maginvest sa ganyang business, ang ibig sabihin lang nian.. willing accomplice ka sa comission ng isang crime..

  13. Howard Chan

    Lol, sagutin nio argument ng article wag ung sasabihing inggit lang aq.. anong klaseng argument yan??

  14. Howard Chan

    Huh? Sikreto?? anong sikreto?? ang hinahanap qng sikreto ay qng bakit laging hindi kumpleto pay outs niyo.. pinipili nio lang binabayaran nio na mga members.. cguro inuuna nio mga pulis para di obvious na may lamangan na nangyayari..lol

  15. Howard Chan

    meron na.. qlang na affidavit ng mga members niong naloko.. (qng magsusumite xla)

  16. Geoff Pamu Gero

    Naloko, sure ka? Eh linggo linggo ang dami nag papayout, pano mo nasabe na naloko, mabasa mo lang na may nainep sa bagal ng patak at tagal ni binary, sasabhen mo na naloko sila? Asan ang patunay mo na niloko sila?

    1. SWA Buster

      musta payout?

      linggo linggo p rin ba?

      or nanggagago n lang kayo?

      1. Joel

        Hahaha natawa naman ako dito…. OO nga naman sagutin yung tanong, muzta ang payout….

        Scam pa more…. Ano ngayon NGANGA!!!!NGANGA!!!!

  17. Geoff Pamu Gero

    Kulang pa ang affidavit ng mga members? Kung magsusumite sila? Baket may "kung " pa? Means d pa sila sure kung mag susumite kasi d sila sure kung niloloko o hinde, ung iba dyan naiinep lang talaga, or else ikaw lang nagsasabe na naloko sila.

    1. SWA Buster

      mukhang malaki-laki ang nilagay mo sa NBO ah 🙂

      marami ka rin bang naidamay na mapasali sa SCAM n NBO n yan?

      wag k sana karmahin 🙂

      though we all know… you will reap the fruits (karma) of what you have planted (defrauding people) 🙂

  18. Howard Chan

    Geoff Pamu Gero eto o, screenshot ng mga copmplains ng mga NBO members.. http://easysmallbusinesshr.com/ESBHRpix/NBO%20NRZ%20Global%20INC..png.. xmpre "kung" kc kahit naman biktima xla qng ayaw nila idulog reklamo nila sa kinauukulan wala naman kami magagawa.. that's on them.. pero swerte nio qng ganun kc lusot kayo.. lol

  19. YYY

    this blog is very informative. Stop the scam! wake up people! there’s a lot of way to earn good money.

    1. SWA Buster

      your very right YYY


    hello, i am a member of NBO Global, nung una, maganda p ang kitaan s NBO pero ngaun sobrang tagal na. dati 1 week lng graduate n account u, naging 2 weeks, 1 month, ngaun halos mag 3 months na di pa nag gragraduate? bakit ganun? parte b ng systema ang pagbagal ng patak pra makaipon ng pang kotse, pra sa anniversary or pra malaki maibubulsa….? if d talaga ito scam pabilisin nio n ulit ptak at bayaran n yung old accounts n sobrang tagal.

  21. YYY

    I’ve watched one of their videos and it is very sad to hear that this kind of business is just like “Paluwagan”. We all know how “Paluwagan” works. When i heard this word i tell myself i will never join this group.

  22. Eloi Javier

    Howard Chan naglabas na ng Warning ang SEC regarding sa mga networking companies na gumagamit ng Monoline sa kanilang marketing campaigns. pede na ito ireport directly sa SEC para matigil na yang kadakdakan ng mga bobong sumasali ng networking o nagtatayo ng networking na ang tanging layunin ay kumita ng mabilis na hindi naghihirap at the expense of the hard earned money of the innocent.

    1. SWA Buster

      can you provide the link Eloi Javier ?

      dami talagang mga naloloko sa NBO

      galing talaga ng mga hyper

      kakarmahin din ang mga yan sa dami ng mga naloko nila!

  23. ninja

    Uberchan sounds like you know a lot about Networking
    Are you a Networker ?

    1. Howard Chan (The Student)

      Ninja, hindi ako networker.. I only know a lot about networking xmpre kc bago ako nagsulat tungkol sa mga illegal na networking, inaral ko muna qng ano ba talaga ang legit na networking at ano ang hindi..

    2. SWA Buster

      kelangan b talagang maging networker, para alam mo ang meaning ng networker?

      gago ka ba?
      tanga k lang?

  24. benjie

    Hi Uberchan,

    with your profound knowledge of this money scheme, do you think there is a model, an improved version of either pyramid or monoline that can achieve sustainability level. Following your analogy of back scratching, what if the line goes in circle where the last of newest entry is served by the very first one, then all backs are scratched.

    Think about it, if we can tweak the system and make it an on-going business, maybe we can start an outfit whose main object is to help others and achieve a real win-win for all members.

    I can see that the key is anchored on viable products, must be consummable with real benefit so members can be both customer and vendor.

    1. Howard Chan (The Student)

      Hi Benjie,

      I think the only thing that will make such scheme sustainable is to not focus on recruitment as the main business. Recruitment should only be an incident of the main business. I don’t think providing for a renewal system (like what NBO is doing on their graduate system) will make it sustainable. If the company will focus on its main business, it will develop highly marketable products which are competitive – it will build a brand na tatangkilikin ng mga consumers. Once it’s done that, then the company’s income will be primarily sourced from sales of products and not from recruitment. The only reason why companies prefer to earn more from recruitment is because it is definitely hard to build a brand, hence, profitability may take years. As opposed to focusing on recruitment where income is immediate. But then again, we have laws which prohibit the latter scheme.

      1. benjie

        Fully understand the concept but if you will combine all the ingredients you mentioned and develop a biz model that will leverage on the positive of each factor, the venture might work at an on-going level. recruitment could be a strategy for rapid brand building, anchored on ‘real’ products that went through all legal and licensing process and procedure.

        Really dont think that the scheme is totally prohibited, hence a lot of similar businesses are flourishing because there is willingess (sans force, initmidation and deceit, the later is of course borderline) on the part of the ‘members’ due to the allure of excellent ROI. This is one of the gray areas that is considered benign unless the results proved otherwise (and back by people complaining formally). So me think that this technic is reusable.

        my motive is to try to figure out if we can come up with a business structure that can utilize the attraction of this scheme for a genuine venture.

        am ok to discuss this in a more private forum ( email?) if you prefer so.

        1. Howard Chan (The Student)

          Hi Benjie,

          Well, I guess so long as there is a full disclosure of what the business is really about. Recruitment per se is not really prohibited. Networking in itself is not per se illegal. And yes, I know of several companies which are legitimately employing a recruitment scheme, but their common denominator is that recruitment is merely in the background and their real business is in the foreground. Most starting corporations also rely on recruitment, i.e., they recruit investors, but most of them give a full disclosure of the risks involved. Unlike what we see these days online where their spiel is misleading. Spiels like “facebook lang kikita ka na”.. these are deceptive recruitment spiels which does not disclose anything.

          If you have other ideas on how we can come up with a business scheme which will legitimately utilize recruitment schemes, please do share it here. 🙂

          1. benjie

            actually i dont have. am just tryiing to fish out some ideas on a possible biz blueprint that can leverage on all the attractions that these schemes offers.

          2. benjie

            offer i mean.

  25. benjie

    offer i mean.

  26. Ong Richard

    SWA? Ang ipinagmamalaki niyong swa yan ay isang malaking scam. What is your market?what is your products? is it the ebooks library? Now tell me,nag aral ka ba ng college o isa kang malaking t####? 2500 worth of ebooks library,sa tingin mo may bibili ba ng ebooks? Kung isa kang techy person,yan ebooks na yan pwede mo idownload ng libre.

    1. SWA Buster

      scam naman talaga ang SWA

  27. NBO Global NRZ Inc.

    NBO is not a scam We have all the legalities and walang palyang payouts check my blog for more info http://nboglobalnrzinc.blogspot.com

    1. Trinity

      Walang palyang payouts???? Seriously miss/mister, the owner even admitted that there was a problem, and the problem is him. Lol. It’s like this, no investors, no graduation, so that’s what’s happening and the scariest thing is because there is now a lot of complains that your business is dealing with, it would be much harder to attract possible people who’d RISK their money towards the UNKNOWN. Don’t make promises you can’t keep as well, you just proved people that ‘Promises were made to be broken.’ If you say 3-4weeks, make sure you can keep up with the expectations.

    2. Scam or Not?

      What if meron? Ano gagawin namin dito? Irereport to? lagyan ng kaso? Hindi ako sali sa group nato, but 1 of my family member is, at pag Scam nga ito! Irereport ko talaga to. I’m not stupid to think na walang mawawala samin, just be careful sa lahat ng transactions niyo!

    3. Mamang Kulas

      Nine months after you posted this comment, nahuli na kayo as an INVESTMENT SCAM! Know your resources at huwag na kayong manloloko pa ng tao!

  28. Jomar Herrera

    Ong Richard tama..almost all files are downloadable..

  29. Renard

    Mr Howard Chan may tanong lang po ako sa inyo. Ang AIM Global ba ay SCAM? Kasi po wala sila sa DSAP for 7 years now. Hindi po ako member ng AIM. Kung DSAP po ang basihan natin lahat po ng Company na wala sa listahan ng DSAP na nag direct selling ibig po sabihin Scam sila.

    Paki sagot po sa tanong ko. Salamat.

  30. ms.Jes

    Hi to all. Ask ko lang po. sumali po kmi ng aming mga kaibigan sa NBO last May 2014. 20,000 po ang isinali ko po. akala po namin after a month makukuha na po yung balik na pera samin pero hanggang nagyon hindi pa rin po at hindi po umuusad ang system nyo po sa NBO. anu po ito? SCAM na nga ba ito? nakakaawa naman po kmi. pinagtyagaan ko po ipunin yung 20K na yun para lng makasali. halos di na ako kumain para lang dun.

    1. Trinity

      Hello Jes! I suggest once you get your money out (hopefully asap) just stop. On the FB account of NBO, some said it took 4-6 months before they got their money out. I suggest you put it for long term like stocks or Insurance/investment schemes.

  31. Ray

    Sir Howard, Do you believe in the networking industry as a legal and ethical way to do business and earn money? If yes, will you support and advocate the MLM industry sa mga readers mo?

  32. Trinity


    I just tried putting fortunately, (though unfortunately pa din) small amount of money exactly a month ago and the person who invited me told me it’ll graduate within 3-4 weeks. But from other posts that I’ve read, alot have been waiting for six months now yet their money which is merely .50-cent close to graduation is still there, stagnant, just like mine. Most of the time, the website is also (really almost always) ‘UNDER MAINTENANCE’ and for the past 10 months that they have been operating, there were a lot of system changes that have happened.

    So overall, just look for this: PONZI SCHEME

    So guys, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I hope the money you invested weren’t loaned or anything similar. I just tried this to prove my friend who invested almost all her hard-earned money that this is soon one of the fly-by-night ummm….I am not even sure what to call it, company or just a thing.

    And for the perpetrators, EASY COME, EASY GO. I hope you’ll havethedecency to give back the monies to your investors, especially those who’ve invested their life savings or retirement income.

    Nothing comes easy. If someone wants to have a good life, steady stream of income or millions, go for other businesses which are legal and has a proven compensation plan and system. Or go for stocks, long-term investments yet there is a sense of a higher possibility of profits/passive income.

    Well, still, happy investing!!!

  33. Râdén Pâyâs

    kumikita kayo sa perang registration fees ng ibang tao so yes… not scam.. lol.. parang hindi nyo ata naintindihan ang video..

  34. Râdén Pâyâs

    Napakaraming tanga rito… ngayon pa lang I feel sorry na sa lahat ng members ng NBO… let's talk again after 2 years kung ok poa kayo after lumubog ang NBO… 2 years..

    1. NBO Buster

      hindi naman yan aabutin gn 2 years. hahahah

      scam talaga


  35. Mhund Osorio

    Di siya member, paepal lang.

    1. NBO Buster

      baka kaimin mo yan sinasabi mo

      ano na nangyari sa NBO mo?

      nganga n ba?

      scammer ka!

  36. Anne Mendoza

    Howard Chan dsap is a non government association walang kaso if wala ang nbo na ganan

    1. NBO Buster

      walang kaso?

      baka kainin mo yang sinabi mo sa huli!

      scammer ka!

    2. Poging Angel

      ANO KA NGAYON?!?!?!
      NGANGA KA NGAYON NOH!??!?!?!


      SCAMMER KA!!!

  37. Yrrag Oerbos

    ewan ko kung tunay to…. tingan nyo na lang po. ako po ay isang networker di po ako naninira. kau na po ang humusga… nakita ko lang po to sa aking wall…


  38. Yrrag Oerbos

    copy paste nyo na lang (^_^)

  39. Râdén Pâyâs

    SWA? basura yan ng mga internet marketers….

  40. Râdén Pâyâs

    first time mo ba to? ang mga first timer naman ang laging naloloko….

  41. Richard Delos Reyes

    buti nalang hindi ako napasali dito. gustong gusto kong sumali nuon kasi easy money, kaya lang nag isip din ako sa pera na isasali na kalahati lang ang kikita.

  42. nbo scam

    NBO GLOBAL IS A SCAM. napatunayan na po namin yan. nakagraduate nga account namin pero tumalbog naman yung cheke. anu un??? 😀 :3

  43. Jeff

    Nice take Author 😉

  44. Lino Magtibay

    whe di nga, ang mga kapatid ko hanggang ngayon wala pa nakukuha sa NBO na yan…. ka trataduhan yan

  45. Sanetha Amba

    can i ask a question po?pwede po bang wlang license from DTI?

  46. Arlene Cruz Quitan

    Nag invest ako last june 20,2014. Until now hindibpa rin nakaka graduate ang investment ko. Sabi sa mamatid branch. 4weeks kang makaka graduate na. Pero 4months of waiting wala pa. Pls help.

  47. jake

    Mga ma’am/sir,

    Comment lang po…. isa rin ako sa mga nabiyayan ng NBO… totoo nga na kadududa duda ang flow ng business nla, pero as i know marami silang natulungan, nga lang my pinagtatakhan ako, kalakasan pa nman ng NBO nitong 1st month of the yr pero biglang bumabagal ang pag graduate, dba ang flow nla is once gating ang account mo at biglang my nag invest, my chance ka na grumaduate(ang mga bagong nag invest ibibigay nla pera nla sau in a nice way :-D). Bakit kya sa kalakasan nya eh bigla bigla humina? my mga naririnig akong rumors, ang sbi tinago dw nila pres. and vice pres. ang ilang money kya bumagal ang pag graduate(Sh************t) tapos dun na nag start, sa pag bagal ng graduation, nag duda na ang ilan, wla nang nag invest. Anyway, totoo man o hindi ang chismis, atleast ako nkabawi na at d na muling nag invest, naamoy ko kc na d nag tatagal ang mga ganyang type of business lalo na pag my “corrupt” sa loob….

  48. ms.raine

    i joined last June same as you Arlene, no pay outs and nag stop na sa pag earn ung accounts ko, i guess it is really a scam so sorry for me. naniwala ako kc nga wasy money

  49. Irene De Peralta

    how can i find the payout

  50. Parekoy

    Let it be known na tagilid ang NBO. They are unable to pay their current obligations to their customers/investors. Talo na ang mga nag invest, hoping to earn from their investment. Si Uling mismo, who actively promoted the company, just put in over P90,000 of investment. Kawawa yung wife niya sa abroad na nagpaka-katulong to raise the money for investing in nbo.

  51. Charmaine Escaler

    Nasaan na ang mga magagaling dumipensa ng scam na to? Baka nagpakamatay na at di nakuha ang pera.. lol… mag iphone na lang kayo

  52. Râdén Pâyâs

    so ano na ang nagyari sa mga tseke nyong tumalbog?

  53. Râdén Pâyâs

    kamusta ka naman ngayon jeffrey lopez perez… magkano ba lugi sa atin sa nbo? lol… isa pang tanga

  54. Râdén Pâyâs

    so kamusta na ngayon ang nbo? nasaan na ang mga kumikita, baka nagpakamatay na sa lugi… tanga e.. ayaw makinig..

  55. Maricel Balbalosa

    Richard Ong saan ka nmn makakadownload ng libre? 😀

    nkapagdownload ka nga, so ano ang kasunod? SWA ay parang apps din lng yan, ginawa ng developer ang SWA Library para magamit ng mga nangangailangan, para mas madaling i-access.

    Now para ma access mo ang SWA Library kailangan mong bayaran ang apps na ginawa nung developer. GETS?

    Jomar Herrera GETS?

  56. Zhairell Keith

    Then…if nbo is not a scam why there are members complaining that they will not give their earnings and capitals…where are their capitals?why not to return to prove that this busines is not a scam????

  57. Zhairell Keith

    Ilang buwan na ang nakarbn hanggang ngaym wala pa silang makuha kawawa naman ang nagloan para makasali lng d2 sa pag aakalang kikita sila un pala nawalang bgla. Maawa naman kau

  58. jake

    my nkapag sabi po sakin na nag tatago na dw po ngayon ang pres. and vice pres. ng NBO, ang balibalita pa eh my binili dw na condo and mga kotse cla pres, tsk! tsk! sayang un sana ang pang babayad nla sa mga nka hang up na account ngayon kaso na bulsa pa……

  59. Sally

    sino po ba may ari ng NBO?d2 kc sa bikol may bagong monoline na humahataw baka sila rin ang may ari ni2
    e2 website nila…http://www.freedomlifealliance.com/marketing.html
    pa check naman sir Uberchan/Howard Chan..Tnx so Much po..

    1. CBL

      Kilala ko president nyan….taga dito samin sa bicol. LORENZO VARGAS JR. classmate ko ng elementary kaya pala biglang asenso hehehe…

  60. fred

    Nbo. Nagclose dahil sa mis management and bad investments ng may ari pero madami kumita

    1. YYY

      madami ding nawalan..

  61. Mike

    ONE Lightning Corp legal ba?

  62. Martin

    HPI company ba legit? Too good to be true yung 20% income after a period of time ba walang ginagawa eh.

  63. nics

    oo nga ONE LIGHTNING AT HPI legit ba?

    1. jake

      HPI po ay same lang din ng NBO, wla kang ginagawa pero kumikita ka, malamang dun din ang bagsak nyan.

  64. kenneth

    Hi, thanks for your blog, though Im not interested to join NBO, but it seems that the NBO complan is same with the complan of a company which I plan to join. The Klikmart Rewards. Please if you dont mind, you can email me your honest review about this company. Thanks for the help.

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