On Pinoy Celebrities…

On Pinoy Celebrities…

It was reported that Daniel Padilla makes one million pesos per taping day. Damn! And he’s not even a great actor!!

Allegedly, Coco Martin was paid 35 million pesos to indorse Sonny Angara. Although that has been denied by both camps.

John Lloyd Cruz, based on the tax he paid last year, made about 143 million pesos in 2014.

All these celebrities, if you notice, in their movies or in their TV shows played “masa” characters. They played the roles of simple people.

Most recently, Coco Martin plays the role of a “probinsiyano” in a hit TV show. In reality, how much does an ordinary probinsiyano make?

Funny because they achieved luxurious lifestyle by playing the roles of ordinary people and they even do it in stupid, nonsensical movies and TV shows. Now there is definitely something fucked up about that.

My point is, we put too much premium on our celebrities. Too much it’s almost injustice. Well to me, it is injustice.

But we deserve it. We deserve every bit of it. We deserve the injustice.

In fact, we, as a people even enjoy it. Oh yeah!

We glorify our artistas so much. We kiss their ass every chance we get. Just read the comment section of every fanpage.

Just think about it. We pay our celebrities so much that everybody now wants to be a celebrity. Just look at our television shows. They are all talent searches. These TV giants are constantly looking for the next big star. And we the sheeple keep auditioning.

We have this culture of fanaticism which I find hard to explain considering that we are supposedly modest people. Western influence maybe? I think not. But you you can argue otherwise and convince me otherwise.

Anyway, we have this stupid fixation with celebrities and it is hurting us big time. Come to think of it, a lot of our young people aspire to be celebrities rather than become engineers, or teachers, or doctors.

And the TV giants feed on those misguided aspirations. They exploit that. Just look at the talent searches on TV!

This country do not need celebrities. We need nation-builders.

Maybe I am just exaggerating some details here but the bottom line is, we are fucking overpaying our celebrities.

We should stop this insanity because it is simply wrong.

I don’t fucking care how you fanatics will defend this by saying that it’s not easy being an “artista”. Fuck that argument. I’ve seen tougher jobs which pay shit.

I am not saying that these artistas should be paid shit. What I am saying is, we should pay them what is simply due.

And how do WE the ordinary people do that? It’s not like they’re being paid by tax money.

Well, we should stop glorifying them so much! These celebrities are paid based on their “star power”. The less “star power” we give them, the less money they will get. You see, just like everything else, showbiz is all about power play. If we give them lesser power over us, then that helps even the playing field.

We glorify these celebrities so much that we believe in almost everything they say:

Bakit magsisinungaling ba si Susan Roces? Papayag ba siyang masira reputasyon niya?

Thus, Susan Roces indorces a laundry powder brand and we believe her words as bible-truth. And so sales of that powder brand skyrockets and she gets her talent fees and some.  – That’s how we give these celebrities power.

Do not believe in everything these celebrities say. You have a brain for Christ’s sake! Use it!

Likewise, every time an artista endorses a politician for a certain elective position, do not take that endorsement as a huge factor in considering who to vote. Otherwise, ibenta mo na lang yang utak mo since ayaw mo naman gamitin. You’re letting your celebrities do the thinking for you – that’s dangerous.

So there, have some dignity and set your priorities straight. Do not get too invested in your celebrities. Invest in yourselves instead. Better yourselves. That’s one of the keys to a successful nation.

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