What is Filipinolosophy?

I’d like to think that Filipinolosophy is a “school of thought” specifically focused on understanding Pinoy life in all its aspects. The approach here is a concoction of historical, philosophical, and contemporary methodologies geared towards a better, if not an enlightened view of what’s going on here in our society and why they came to be.

The goal here is to teach as many Filipinos possible to have a critical approach when it comes to daily occurrences in life.  Teach people not to accept everything they hear, see, and read as bible truths without first examining and understanding what, how, and why they are, after all an unexamined life is not worth living. Teach people not to be so naive about their surroundings, culture, politics, society, and so on. Steer people away from the cudgels of myths, lies and “miseducation” that had this country on its knees since time immemorial.

I’d like to think that Filipinolosophy is one step towards a more critical Filipino society which thinks before it talks and looks before it leaps. I am a firm believer that ignorance is what keeps us estranged from realizing our dream of a fully progressive, learned, educated, happy, peaceful, and united Philippines.

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Howard Chan