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SWA is a Scam!

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInSWA or Supreme Wealth Alliance is one of the most popular online networking we have these days. My Facebook page is teeming with posts about SWA, I’m sure so is yours. What is SWA?

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Analyzing the Philippines’ “Surplus” of Nurses

Pinoy Nurses

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInThere is a vicious cycle in our society. It comes around, hits you, and you don’t even know what hit you and why. This big problem that we have in our society is so complex and pervasive that we do not really know the root cause of our problems anymore. Every problem …

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Scam o Legit na Networking?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Paano mo nga ba malalaman kung ang isang networking scheme ay lehitimo o isang scam lamang? Usong-uso na kasi yun ngayon. Pag-open ko palang ng Facebook ko siguro 75% ng nasa feeds ko eh tungkol sa kung anu-anong mga networking groups.

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Sotto-copy Again?

So recently, a UP student plagiarized a prize-winning photo. You can read the story here.

Anyway, the plagiarizer, a certain Mark Joseph Solis, did the prudent thing and apologized for his misdeed. But then apparently, this wasn’t the first time he committed such an infraction. Apparently, this is the fifth time.

On Working Overseas…

Filipino Workers Abroad

Jobs are a scarcity. This is a fact in almost all nations. Even the most progressive nations suffer from high unemployment rate. In the Philippines, it is an undisputed fact that the government cannot generate enough jobs to accommodate all workers willing to be employed.

“The Act of Killing”: The Politics of Peace

Extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances are two of the biggest problems faced by the Philippines right now. In fact, the government had been receiving constant pressure from international organizations like Amnesty International due to the many unresolved cases of desaparecidos.

Conspiracy Theory: The Zambo Crisis

Recently, Bishop Oscar Cruz expressed his observation that the Zamboanga Crisis is a mere diversionary tactic to stray the people’s attention off the PDAF scam. Other netizens share the same sentiment.

Be Wary of Certain NGOs

Counter Intelligence Service and Vigilant Group

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Here’s a depressing story I hope will never happen to anyone. My niece, a mere thirteen years of age, was the victim of human trafficking. She was lured by a 40 year old neighbor, who goes by the name Janet, from a barangay in Baguio City and brought her to work …

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Are blogs protected by copyright?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn The Pinoy internet world went abuzz over Senator Sotto’s “plagiarism” against the work of a foreign blogger named Sarah Pope. In his defense, Senator Sotto said he did not plagiarize anything because Pope’s work was not copyrighted. So this brings us to the next question, are blog articles protected by copyright? …

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PROSECUTE THIS GUY: Robert Blair Carabuena

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInHope this guys gets imprisoned for assaulting the poor MMDA employee. The guy’s name is Robert Blair Carabuena. This fat dude who seem to love to throw his weight around is a proven douchebag. I don’t know what the MMDA officer did to irk this pig but no matter what you don’t …

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