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You heard it here first! Filipinolosophy is basically a term I invented to refer to thoughts peculiarly unique to Filipinos and the Filipino culture. In this category, I post my thoughts on Pinoy politics, culture and pop culture - basically anything under the Filipino sun!

International Basketball Should Have Height Divisions!

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInYep, you read that right! I mean, if boxing and wrestling have weight divisions, then it is just right for basketball to have a height division. And I mean this to be applied in international competitions like FIBA and the Olympics. Why? In the spirit of fairness, of course! I know very …

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On Pinoy Celebrities…

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInOn Pinoy Celebrities… It was reported that Daniel Padilla makes one million pesos per taping day. Damn! And he’s not even a great actor!! Allegedly, Coco Martin was paid 35 million pesos to indorse Sonny Angara. Although that has been denied by both camps. John Lloyd Cruz, based on the tax he paid …

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NPA: The government’s convenient excuse

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInI’ll make it clear as early as this part of the article: I am not pro-NPA. In fact, as early as 2010, I’ve already said that the CPP-NPA is one of the factors that’s making this country backwards. But really, there is again a vicious cycle here. It’s been said that the biggest …

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Status update

Usapang Praktikal…

Kung ako si Mar Roxas, tatakbo na lang akong vice president.

Mukhang mananalo si Grace Poe na pangulo eh at mukhang wala namang laban si Mar.

Si Mar, may laban pag bise presidente ang tatakbuhan.

Pero mukhang madidisqualify si Poe as president later on dahil nga sa lakas ng ebidensiya laban sa constitutional qualifications niya as president.

So by virtue of succession, ang susunod na uupo ay ang bise presidente.



Hibang na ba ang Pinoy sa Gluta?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Sa tuwing bubuksan ko ang Facebook ko, tumatambad sa feeds ko and ‘di mabilang na mga posts tungkol sa mga samu’t saring pampaputi. Sa totoo lang, nakakabadtrip na! Wala namang masama, per se, kung gusto ng isang tao na magpapaputi ng balat. Ang nakakabad trip ay ang ipagduldulan sa mukha natin …

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From Laborer to Lawyer

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Yep, I was once a service crew. It was a fun job if you’re in the kitchen – away from picky and entitled customers. People used to make fun of us especially them rich kids. So much so that I developed a disdain against rich kids and rich people in general. Admittedly, …

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Common Myths Propagated By Scammers to “Legitimize” Pyramiding in the Philippines

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Recently, there’s been a huge increase in the number of people victimized by pyramiding, Ponzi, and investment scams. At this day and age, it is still surprising to find that so many people are fooled by these scams especially so that the modus operandi of these scams had already been exposed …

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Education is Still the Key to a Successful Nation

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn   A question was asked: If there is one thing you can give to the Philippines, what is that gift? It will sound cliché but my answer is “Education”. Why? For the reason that education solves a ton of other social problems. You give education to the people, then you are actually …

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SWA is a Scam!

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedInSWA or Supreme Wealth Alliance is one of the most popular online networking we have these days. My Facebook page is teeming with posts about SWA, I’m sure so is yours. What is SWA?

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Scam o Legit na Networking?

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Paano mo nga ba malalaman kung ang isang networking scheme ay lehitimo o isang scam lamang? Usong-uso na kasi yun ngayon. Pag-open ko palang ng Facebook ko siguro 75% ng nasa feeds ko eh tungkol sa kung anu-anong mga networking groups.

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