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You heard it here first! Filipinolosophy is basically a term I invented to refer to thoughts peculiarly unique to Filipinos and the Filipino culture. In this category, I post my thoughts on Pinoy politics, culture and pop culture - basically anything under the Filipino sun!

Sotto-copy Again?

So recently, a UP student plagiarized a prize-winning photo. You can read the story here.

Anyway, the plagiarizer, a certain Mark Joseph Solis, did the prudent thing and apologized for his misdeed. But then apparently, this wasn’t the first time he committed such an infraction. Apparently, this is the fifth time.

On Working Overseas…

Filipino Workers Abroad

Jobs are a scarcity. This is a fact in almost all nations. Even the most progressive nations suffer from high unemployment rate. In the Philippines, it is an undisputed fact that the government cannot generate enough jobs to accommodate all workers willing to be employed.

This is Why I’ll Never Run for Elective Office

No one’s asking me but…

So, the video above is about a woman purok leader who got knocked out cold by a guy while she was trying to persuade her neighbors to relocate somewhere to avoid the rising waters.

A Strong Statement About Yellow Propaganda

Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn First of, this being posted here does not mean that the website owner agrees to the entirety of the video. If at all, this is to stir debate and arouse public opinion. This video was uploaded by YouTube user “PinoyMonkeyPride”. Here’s the video description:

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Bakbakan Na!

Bakbakan Na!

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Heavy Metal…

Heavy Metal More Fun In The Philippines

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Call of Duty!

Call of Duty!

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Scam Alert – Mag Ingat sa M.O na ito

Scam Alert

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Batman and Robin… Pinoy Style

Batman and Robin Pinoy Style

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Sarcasm is the best defense

Cybercrime Law Joke

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